The Slugabed Progressions

written & performed by Stitchi Monsta

The rising tides of daunting tasks, arithmaphobia and a race against time have swept a boy off his feet, with barely any ground for footing he will probably sink? Won’t he?, with a fear of an oblique future and constant distractions he slips in and out of reality till he’s not certain what is real anymore and the only thing that’s certain is the desire to float away.

photos by Alex Vaughan, Jarra McGrath and Michael Pigott

The Slugabed Progressions has featured in RAW ’09 season of young directors and the later and final progression of the work was showcased in three, ArtsLab ’09 residency

Season & Residency Director: Michael Pigott
Puppet making mentor: Herbert Peppard
Sound design mentor and film editing: David Kirkpatrick
Filming: Holly Thompson
Lighting Design: Stephen Hawker