a Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre production

get crunk!
push the button
beware the jabberwocky

A fierce alien creature
an outbreak of a strange disease
and an unknown number of civilian youths are missing.

In a disused reseach facility in Carlton, there are answers…
but there are some places in the universe you cant go alone.

We’re all searching for a civilian youth that has disappeared, and that missing youth is us.

What is underneath our desires for love and acceptance? How do we name it? Do we name it as alien? As other? Is it something we should face? A disease ravaging us, forcing us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t ? Or is it a memory haunting us, pulling us from where we are and pushing us back to be caught and suspended in a history that was ideal – or worse – a nightmare?

Throughout POP UP! young performers faced their fears, the weight of expectation, the silence of their histories and acted to better understand themselves.