(lost toy story)


a Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre production

(lost toy story) Videos

(lost toy story) was a free multi-media interactive arts festival on the streets of Hurstville in late August 2008. Part installation, part sculpture, part art exhibition and part public celebration, (lost toy story) explored the real stories of lost toys, lost hopes, lost friends and lost fears across generations and cultures in the very public forum of the Hurstville CBD.

(lost toy story) was an unique and timely event in the heart of Hurstville CBD, it follows hot on the success of our 2007 pr massive and award winning: A City of Shadows and Ice in Kogarah Town Square. Inwhich over a thousand people attended.

Throughout the festival viewers got to experience:

  • physical theatre / movement pieces integrating multi-media and sculptures
  • a sound installation that investigated the various sounds toys make
  • a roaming installation of real life 'Transformers' who converted into trucks and machines and came to life again as humans
  • roaming young people interviewing passers by about lost toys - taking polaroids of audience with the nightlight sculptures - writing the stories on the back of polaroids for future exhibitions
  • a band stage which featured local and Sydney wide young musicians performing songs about lost toys and lost things - sourced through a song submission on fbi radio, 2SER and youth print music media