Angels in the Architecture

a Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre production

In February TJ  Eckleberg connected with Associate Director Marc Carra, a team of stunning artists and a diverse group of under 25’s for Angels in the Architecture – building an aerial shanty town where inhabitants would improvise songs on strange instruments and fly. Challenging? Well, the members of this town would be an ensemble of performers with and without disability. Over nine months Shopfront worked with local disability services and over 40 young people with disabilities ranging from severe Cerebral Palsy to mild Down Syndrome. Some of these young people were intergrated into the ensemble and worked towards the final performance – where 22 performers (about half from the Shopfront Senior Ensemble) created their very own world – a world that Real Time called “an important enabling place, creating lines of flight for those usually flightless… highly engaging and vividly realised… a wild night in theatre.”