Namaste and welcome to my blog:

most of which dosen’t make sense (some of the time) in most senses but also makes complete sense (in some cases) in most senses by questioning perhaps too much, possibly not questioning anything and in some states of mind can potentially interest, inspire, dissapoint and induce high or low leveled results in logic.


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My boss as f*#k Pokemon Powerpoint

Put together a random powerpoint for TAFE.
Wondered what hell I was going to do ..then thought POKEMON!!! ^_^

Ch-Check out the Powerpoint here


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Dedicated To Aes Rizzle & Rodent

Peeled back, Cracked floors and walls hear a late night creak.
rescrew the hinges of doors – oil on all paws, all week – Still a squeak.
true ninjas after dark, hunting snark amongst a rubbish heap,
Meet face to face, as I look down steep, no wonder I couldn’t get any sleep.
No more little mousey, not one peep.
A run and a leap with squeak for no retreat.

I’ll leave it up to lil bo peep to count my sheep.

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Jay Raffe Complains



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The Great Balancing Act

location: a rainy misty morning
mood: Sick and Tired 😦
music: Black Light Burns – “Lie”

Wow! it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here
and the reasons why are the following:

  • A complete change of lifestyle patterns since including that im now also a hard studying student as well as everything else ive been trying to tackle ive been flooded with TAFE assignment after assignment. 

However you may be think (especially if you’re familiar with the TAFE timetable), “Hang on!! Wasn’t it holidays for over the last 2 weeks!!” – Indeed it was, and i come to my second reason.

  • During my break i decided to catch up on some much needed rest. Unfortunatly i also decided that the best way to acheive this state of complete restoration was to go into a complete hibernation – BIG MISTAKE!!!!

I have become so full of headaches and am completely struggling to do anything and everything. so im currently trying to brave the wet weather and walk more and even keep more active around the house.

This reminds me of a story of Buddah in his search for happiness he tried having everything he could, like as much food he could put his hands but this only made him bored of not being as active and as he did not feel well since he had so much. so he gave up everything and only had the bare minimum till he got so ill from not eating well and became even harder to be active. so he tried a balance to the both and thats where he ended that particular search for happiness.

This is why balance is so essential – too much of a ‘good’ thing can make you SICK!

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Legends Of The Dork Knight

location: Gotham City
music: Tool – “Vicarious”

Well it would seem I have rekindle my ol’ flame for comics again. In particular Batman comics, which is strange because I was always more of a Marvel Comics fan as a child reading the pages of Uncanny X-men, The Avengers, The Hulk and Black Pather with the occasional Ghostbusters and my very early love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series by Archie Comics. Would of never seen myself as much of a DC Comics fan but this stage I think the style of detective, conspiracy and psychological plot lines and the realistic touches of the Batman character has engaged me. I’ve always loved a good anti-hero, philosophically I feel in some ways we are all anti-heros. People who are trying to do the best we can with what we believe and how we see or want to change the world, sometimes we mess up (more then often we can mess up) and things dont always go our way and we might not always make the right decisions but we must continue or the world can and will get the better of us.

Sometimes when I read hero narratives I start to question the concepts of dimensional influence. I think about what my alternative universes would be like, the ones where i save the day, the ones where i am just a comic character who saves the day and the ones where I’m just myself here now – doing what I’m doing. Am I still saving the day right now in this reality and I just dont know it?.

Like James Joyce depicts – am I like Leopold Bloom who defends himself against the Fenian Anti-Semite Citizen as Ulysses defends himself against the Cyclops. (ref. ep:12 of James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’)

If I was a comic book character – I do like to think I would be some what aware that I was in a comic book, something like Deadpool. That dude is a barrel of laughs!

comics ive been reading lately include:

Batman, Tank Girl, Deadpool, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mighty Mutanimals, Usagi Yojimbo, Cable & Deadpool.

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If You Suffer From Anatidaephobia Please Read This!

location: Somewhere very visible to certain birds
mood: MEAN
music: The Crystal Method – “Comin’ Back”

Do you ever feel like some one is watching you?

perhaps through a window.

perhaps through the cracks in the walls, gaps in the fence.

perhaps through a hidden camera, or even a webcam you believed wasnt active purely cos your conditioned to believe a camera isn’t operating when the lil light isn’t going *blink* *blink*

OMFG(odess) is that a ghost duck from the deepest and darkest Ponds of Naraka!!!!




Sorry for being so cruel.. im not usually this mean..

just sometimes I get this mean streak goin on.

terribly sorry – on with the blog!


Been thinking alot lately about people in relationship to places and things. Moments and memories are very much effected by our understanding and interpretations of our surroundings.

as Billy Corgan sings:
“Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel”

As the body is constantly sheding and replacing elements of itself and as we go through processes of forgetting and remembering we realise that we are in constant change and these changes of course takes into account things like places, people, items and various other things. If we start to imagine that the places we dwell in, the people who we converse with and the things we hold on to will hold onto us and keep us grounded in a particular set of emotions, understandings, characteristics and more. we can begin to understand the level of control we have over ‘reality’.

In the same sense the things we are afraid of are a related understanding we have invented as well. Fears can be challenged and overcome. The other day i was at the MCA and out the front of the museum they had (what i found to be) a thought provoking piece which involved a bee-hive of stingless bees. I am allergic to bee stings and i have horrible memories of being attacked by swarms as a child and finding myself in a hospital bed. but this particular work that explored a variety of  different metaphors, in particular food resourcing and population. had given me an experience of being amongst a hive of swarming bees that completely ignored me and did not harm me.

Result: I’m noticing im alot less paranoid / over-reacting of wild stinging bees being in my surroundings and can deal with the situation maturely and more practically.


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Everyone, get down on the floor and keep calm

location: My Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose
mood: A regular Cosmic Schmuck
music: Sinead O’Connor – “Fire on Babylon”

Lately i have been engaging in religious discussions.

But quickly realised that it didnt matter what i had to contribute to the discussion and/or arguement, people who follow most faiths believe they are in the right all of the time. so i dont really recommend it to anybody, unless you enjoy seeing the extent of insanity of the things people can believe. Theres just no compassion in some people, they want to convince everyone they will suffer for not sharing the same understandings, not only do they want you to suffer but they want you to suffer for ETERNITY.

Why is it that the only religions that make perfect sense and take into account the diversity of people are all the mock religions. the only ancient religions that have these understandings are the religions of the east, the religions that were crafted from some revolutionary philosophical development. the kind that say such things as ‘everyone sees and believes differently but they all have a place’ or ‘that creation doesnt matter infact it wastes time you could spend living life’ or the beautiful thought that ‘eventually every being will make it to nirvana despite if they believe or not’

I’m finding the concept so mind blowing that some people rely heavily on other people to explain why they shouldn’t judge other people. you would think it was very simple to take in but it would seem alot of people have made the assumption that everyone is how they think of them to be all the time.
people just aren’t that simple!

In times like this we have to remember the great prophet John Dillinger, what most people think as a rotten bank-robber is actually also renown for his zen statements that bring about beautiful peaceful life teachings.
“everyone, get down on the floor and keep calm”
could you imagine just how amazing the world would be if everyone took this life changing statement onboard. people would be alot happier, there would be no war or suffering from others. it would be like lennon and yoko’s peace protest which involved simply staying in bed.

things are never only what they seem.

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