Ringing in my ears
The joy, the love, hurt and pain
Feet dancing in rain
– (10/10/2010)

Mother moon watches
In all the darkest places
Lighting the pathway
– (16/09/2010)

Satan isnt real
Its the fear in your own head
when it wont work out
– (13/08/2010)

Swirling visions in
my eyes, colours blend rainbow
puzzles for the mind
– (12/08/2010)

Winged mercury
carry my voice through the wind,
reach out to the sea
– (11/08/2010)

My chaos moose,
Nasruddin’s missing donkey,
my senses in life
– (10/08/2010)

Mountains could never
look so misty blue in hue,
special holidays
– (09/08/2010)


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