The Great Balancing Act

location: a rainy misty morning
mood: Sick and Tired 😦
music: Black Light Burns – “Lie”

Wow! it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here
and the reasons why are the following:

  • A complete change of lifestyle patterns since including that im now also a hard studying student as well as everything else ive been trying to tackle ive been flooded with TAFE assignment after assignment. 

However you may be think (especially if you’re familiar with the TAFE timetable), “Hang on!! Wasn’t it holidays for over the last 2 weeks!!” – Indeed it was, and i come to my second reason.

  • During my break i decided to catch up on some much needed rest. Unfortunatly i also decided that the best way to acheive this state of complete restoration was to go into a complete hibernation – BIG MISTAKE!!!!

I have become so full of headaches and am completely struggling to do anything and everything. so im currently trying to brave the wet weather and walk more and even keep more active around the house.

This reminds me of a story of Buddah in his search for happiness he tried having everything he could, like as much food he could put his hands but this only made him bored of not being as active and as he did not feel well since he had so much. so he gave up everything and only had the bare minimum till he got so ill from not eating well and became even harder to be active. so he tried a balance to the both and thats where he ended that particular search for happiness.

This is why balance is so essential – too much of a ‘good’ thing can make you SICK!


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  1. Emmy

    I’m a shoe!

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