If You Suffer From Anatidaephobia Please Read This!

location: Somewhere very visible to certain birds
mood: MEAN
music: The Crystal Method – “Comin’ Back”

Do you ever feel like some one is watching you?

perhaps through a window.

perhaps through the cracks in the walls, gaps in the fence.

perhaps through a hidden camera, or even a webcam you believed wasnt active purely cos your conditioned to believe a camera isn’t operating when the lil light isn’t going *blink* *blink*

OMFG(odess) is that a ghost duck from the deepest and darkest Ponds of Naraka!!!!




Sorry for being so cruel.. im not usually this mean..

just sometimes I get this mean streak goin on.

terribly sorry – on with the blog!


Been thinking alot lately about people in relationship to places and things. Moments and memories are very much effected by our understanding and interpretations of our surroundings.

as Billy Corgan sings:
“Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel”

As the body is constantly sheding and replacing elements of itself and as we go through processes of forgetting and remembering we realise that we are in constant change and these changes of course takes into account things like places, people, items and various other things. If we start to imagine that the places we dwell in, the people who we converse with and the things we hold on to will hold onto us and keep us grounded in a particular set of emotions, understandings, characteristics and more. we can begin to understand the level of control we have over ‘reality’.

In the same sense the things we are afraid of are a related understanding we have invented as well. Fears can be challenged and overcome. The other day i was at the MCA and out the front of the museum they had (what i found to be) a thought provoking piece which involved a bee-hive of stingless bees. I am allergic to bee stings and i have horrible memories of being attacked by swarms as a child and finding myself in a hospital bed. but this particular work that explored a variety of  different metaphors, in particular food resourcing and population. had given me an experience of being amongst a hive of swarming bees that completely ignored me and did not harm me.

Result: I’m noticing im alot less paranoid / over-reacting of wild stinging bees being in my surroundings and can deal with the situation maturely and more practically.



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2 responses to “If You Suffer From Anatidaephobia Please Read This!

  1. Hrothgar Qheflezrehl

    I have anatidaephilia. I WANT the duck to be watching me…

  2. stitchi

    WOW people are reading this. perhaps i should say something interesting and with direction instead of waffling on.

    But dear sir knight Hrothgar of many names, if you indeed want and enjoy the duck watching you, do you still enjoy reverse roles?
    Let say your watching Disneys Ducktales or even Darkwing Duck. is this less enjoyable or stimulating because you are watching the duck instead of it watching you. and who is superior anyway Daffy or Donald?

    I think i would prefer Deadeye Duck or even howard the duck for my visual eye candy.

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