Everyone, get down on the floor and keep calm

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music: Sinead O’Connor – “Fire on Babylon”

Lately i have been engaging in religious discussions.

But quickly realised that it didnt matter what i had to contribute to the discussion and/or arguement, people who follow most faiths believe they are in the right all of the time. so i dont really recommend it to anybody, unless you enjoy seeing the extent of insanity of the things people can believe. Theres just no compassion in some people, they want to convince everyone they will suffer for not sharing the same understandings, not only do they want you to suffer but they want you to suffer for ETERNITY.

Why is it that the only religions that make perfect sense and take into account the diversity of people are all the mock religions. the only ancient religions that have these understandings are the religions of the east, the religions that were crafted from some revolutionary philosophical development. the kind that say such things as ‘everyone sees and believes differently but they all have a place’ or ‘that creation doesnt matter infact it wastes time you could spend living life’ or the beautiful thought that ‘eventually every being will make it to nirvana despite if they believe or not’

I’m finding the concept so mind blowing that some people rely heavily on other people to explain why they shouldn’t judge other people. you would think it was very simple to take in but it would seem alot of people have made the assumption that everyone is how they think of them to be all the time.
people just aren’t that simple!

In times like this we have to remember the great prophet John Dillinger, what most people think as a rotten bank-robber is actually also renown for his zen statements that bring about beautiful peaceful life teachings.
“everyone, get down on the floor and keep calm”
could you imagine just how amazing the world would be if everyone took this life changing statement onboard. people would be alot happier, there would be no war or suffering from others. it would be like lennon and yoko’s peace protest which involved simply staying in bed.

things are never only what they seem.


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One response to “Everyone, get down on the floor and keep calm

  1. Emmy

    Synchronicity of the John Dillinger variety.

    … teehee you were enjoying the musical stylings of Sinead.

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