Religion for the hell of it.

location: Mountains of the spirit
mood: Awakened
music: Midlake – “Head Home”

A rustic winter

abode, mountains of blue hue;

the sounds of Midlake

(haiku by Emmy)

Upon arrival i climbed the stair case and threw down my bags in the upstairs room, triangular in shape like i had found some far off castle in a secret forest – the kind of castle where they put emphasis on walls that ended in a point just so the person staying in the room couldnt forget they are near the roof and spacially aswell as socially ‘higher up’ then everyone else below.

I spent a few day in the Blue Mountains, a great get away that was desperatly needed, we stayed in Echo Point just near the Three Sisters.

The story of the Three Sisters is an interesting one, the three rock formations are said to have been three young sisters who caught the eye of a neighbouring tribe. The tribe wanted to forcefully take the women away and a war broke out between both tribes, so to save these three women from harm and capture a witchdoctor turned the sisters into stone. Whilst the witchdoctor had planned to turn them back once the fight was over, he was killed during the battle and so the Three Sisters stayed as stone.

my birthday was amazing this year thanks to my miracle Emmy!

May May you!

Upsetting to get back home, however I have become increasingly interested in learning and exploring the web for information once again in my time of looking for new employment. Been listerning to alot of Robert Anton Wilson lectures and speaches lately aswell as joining a new religion inwhich i am a  Pope: Discordianism

Hail Eris!



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2 responses to “Religion for the hell of it.

  1. Emmy

    Dorkus Malorkus.

    May May you too!!

  2. stitchi

    mountains could never
    look so misty blue in hue,
    special holidays.

    may may you, baby!

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