Black Bellamy At Cape Cod

location: An Ol’ Pirate Lodge For The Adventurous
mood: Relieved
music: Mike Patton – “Deep Down”


1st of all a shout out to my baby who is having a hard time with her Uni exams and assignments, cos those evil exams never seem to leave her alone – bullies!.

2ndly, I recon i went alright at my Test n’ Tag license. I went worse in the practical then i initially thought i would and alot better in the theory then i thought i would – should be getting those results back in about 2 weeks. Also been trying to get more of a handle on the wheel of my life today aswell as battling hangover from lastnights booze that has left me feeling positive with some kinda loosely drawn map  thats sending me  moving forward in some kinda direction despite how wreckless the concept maybe, it gives me enough excuse too reminice the pirate lego exhibiton i remember as small child.

i also kinda upset that i probebly wont be getting an SMC3 work of art due to financial issues, the dude is an awesome genius and i relate so much to his characters and the vibe of it. right now im totally feeling these works due to there focus on poor vagabonds and there lifestyles, but the three pannels i really like are  these: Junk Food Thugz

he got me heaps back into drawing again.



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3 responses to “Black Bellamy At Cape Cod

  1. Emmy

    Yayayayaya. Your comments are once again functioning.

  2. Emmy

    Also, thank you for the kind shout out and I lahv you.

    Lahv lahv lahv.

  3. stitchi

    nooo i love yu ^__^
    also goodluck tomorro!!

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