Waiting for Breath

location: Cold night, Warm friends
mood: Anxious
music: Frank Sinatra – “Young at Heart”

To really be honest ive been going through depression to only come out and fall back into anxiety. How many cups of tea can i really drink in a day? this is a question i seem to explore subcontiously it seems…

and in a practical sense it should be noted that tomorrow night ill be going for a license that will make me legally able and certified to safety test and tag electrical appliances and leads. but first an exam that i need to pass, more for me to apparently stress about .. great.

lately things make me ask why


The sun is pretty when it shimmers through the trees, sitting in a park and i realise i have the ability to connect alot better then i doubted and even when i fail i remember that there is no wrong.

Atleast Beckett (my names sake) would be so proud.



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2 responses to “Waiting for Breath

  1. Emmy

    Well hello thar comment box.

  2. Emmy

    On a more serious note, near you the light just radiates.

    You’re like, your own sun.

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