I Wish You Had Believed Me

location: The Swan Hatch
mood: Peaceful
music: Mama Cass – “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”

I just watched the final episode of Lost last night, I went to Emmy’s house and we set up for a special Lostie party like a bunch of awesome regular nerds. Lost has been a show that in a small period of time has become my favourite television show, which feels kinda strange because i usually find i dont like any current television shows. It has also been comforting to talk about a show I like and have many people actually know what i was talking about. Without giving too much away to other fans in Australia who are hanging out to watch it tomorrow night, I found the ending to hold quite the same kind of vibe as the Tim Burton film ‘Big Fish‘. Perhaps people would disagree but hey! jus puttin it out there, I think it may also not sit well with some fans but i didn’t mind too much, i found it rather pretty ^__^

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One response to “I Wish You Had Believed Me

  1. Emmy

    Yes! I’m finally not logged in as you.

    I lik many things: lost, cookies, the dharma initiative, Elizabeth Mitchell and this post. But most of all, I like you (and your Billy Corgan shaped head).

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