The Gong

location: A Sun-Bathed Rainbow Blanket Of Warmth
mood: Warm & Cheerful
music: Fergus Brown – “Nerds In Love”

Just came back from Wollongong awhile ago spent one fun night there, it was really nice just to get far away from things that have been on my mind and keeping me anxious, Emmy decided she really wanted to see Sianna Lee not just in Sydney but also in Wollongong – and with no possible way of getting back to ye olde city o’ Sydney, we decided to get a room at The Ibis Hotel a nice place with had Emmy’s name showing up on the Teevee (wierd) and 24 hour food orders of which we had chips and aioli. we headed to The Grand Hotel with a small feed of Emmy’s favourite Subway salad made by the best Subway workers ever! they piled the salad on and filled it to the top with awesomeness before looking up and asking us if there was enough salad there, as if to say we could have more – wow!, shout out to Wollongong Subway you RULE!

When we got back Fergus Brown was playing support act and whilst the style seems rather trendy, I really connected with the cute lil geeky undertones of the lyrics and the general sound of light simplistic instrumentation. i picked up his album back at the show in sydney (comically titled ‘Burgers Frown’) the design of the album artwork is simple but adorable with is brown paperbag textured print. I think its an album worth checking out, on top of that both himself,  Sianna and her band were really friendly and seem to respect, greet and help out their fans.

the weekend was filled with nice people and moments and nice things to share with my sweetness – and this has left a smile on my dial that I hope will last, cos just lurking up the end of my street is a piece of cement pathway where molded writing reads ‘SyDNey Will SUCK the LiFE OuTTA YOU’ and I know from experience that sometimes it can be true.



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3 responses to “The Gong

  1. Emmy

    Woolongong was fun times and, I must admit, that prior to our trip I was not entirely adept at spelling it’s name. I can confidently proclaim that I have shed this previous ineptitude and am now moving into a new phase of life where I am characterised by my spelling prowess – W O O L O N G O N G.

  2. stitchi

    Wollongong* …lol
    your so nicesh and fun to venture with


  3. Emmy

    Wow. I still can’t spell it *sadface*

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