Minute Men

location: Death Valley’s very own kitchen table
mood: Dazed
music: Thundamentals – “Move It Up”

strange part in the day/night where im about to make a fresh cuppa tea and all those scum suckers downtown are busy playing cards and folding, the same sooty air is hanging low here just as it would be there but it wont be long til im away and off with my own lady luck dancing amongst the ibis.
I lost a friend last year, a friend with long ears and not a long enough life.
Keep on losing things (knew i should of sewn the hole in my pockets), the kettle has just boiled and i pour it in the cup slowly as the steam rises it helps me wake up, as i question why i seem to be having a Tom Waits moment, or mumbling away to myself like Rorschach.
ive been wondering alot about windows or doors and where they actually go, its just the silence makes me feel like perhaps everyone is watching me, like if i dived out the window right now i would only just run into a film crew and the most key people of my life chillin out in trailers waiting for their next scene (sorta like truman show meets the ending of big fish, that ending always makes me cry)  the director yells “CUT” and calls for a tea break, convienient for me considering i just fixed some tea up.
I grin and try to engage the man in the reflection of the ripples, “good morning” the world turns and life  moves on.


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3 responses to “Minute Men

  1. Emmy

    CURTIS STONE. You just told me that you find him edgy and perverted – not for child entertainment. You are now drawing comparisons between him and Jim Cunningham of Donnie Darko. You’re a colourful character. Now, apparently, you’re Frank.

  2. stitchi

    why are you wearing that stupid girl suit 😛

  3. Emmy

    Because you like it. Heeeeeeeee.

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